Moving on to Scroll V – 5 feb 2016

Because Mark said we would “love” Scroll V, I opened my GS with excitement to read  Scroll V; yet, I immediately felt a need to re-write and create a “precis” of Og’s Scroll V.

As part of my work, I teach people to be mindful of their language and to do their very best to release the need to use words that may imply stress or effort (negative effort, as opposed to diligent work).  I had begun to feel challenged by Og’s language in Scroll III and then more so in Scroll IV…to the point where I wrote my first precis of an Og Scroll.  I was reeling from the Scroll 5 language!  Still, knowing that this was written a good while ago, I chose to continue to seek the kernal (or should I say “gold” nugget) of Og’s teaching in this new Scroll.  With respect, here is my precis of Scroll V, which I will read several times a day.

I greet this sunrise with cries of joy and lift up mine arms in gratitude for this gift of a new day. Each hour of this day I do cherish, for its value is beyond price. Today, I lift up a friend in need…acting in faith and confidence…empowering and encouraging her to reach her full potential…while proving my own love for all humanity and extending the miracle of my birth to the last hour and last minute of this day. I promise to make this the best day of my life…savouring fully my ability to effect powerful and positive change in this world every minute of every hour of this glorious day.

Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy – Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt

13 thoughts on “Moving on to Scroll V – 5 feb 2016”

    1. Ah, yes I’m still blogging – now from outside the MKMMA programme. As I mentioned, I feel I need to do this work at my own pace. I enquired, and my guide, the wondrous Lorelei, said I can still blog and anyone who was following me would still receive notification of my posts…and likewise, I’d still receive notifications of the blogs I’m following. So, it feels good. I’m going to be following her suggestions for implementing the tools of the MKMMA programme in an order that will be most productive for me. My old blueprint would have had me “struggle” to the very end – perhaps causing challenges to my health. My new blueprint said ask for help – I asked – and then I decided that I need to honour what I actually teach in my “work.” If you check out my blog this week, you’ll see what I mean. I’m really at peace with my choice to leave the programme “for now” – and redo the work at a pace that suits my nervous system 🙂 Mahalo Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht


  1. Glad to see that you are staying involved, Wendy. I hope that you have set up a mastermind as you have fewer resources to help keep you on track without the course. “Nobody makes it without a mastermind”, as Hill stated. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Hi Daniel, Yes, I have 3 friends in the MKMMA programme, one of whom is my alliance partner 🙂 She’s also my colleague in our educational & specialized kinesiology businesses and also a musician, like myself. Cheers for now wendyht

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  2. Hey Wendy, under 300 words — masterful!! I’m still reading the original Scroll V. I’m with you about the need to transform the language. I’m still seeking for how I chose to reframe it, though. Stay tuned. I’m glad you’re keeping in touch with all us bloggers, & I’m curious to hear how this week flowed for you!!!


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