MASTERKEYWENDYHT – WEEK 14 – BLOG – Thought Is The Only Reality

In Lesson 14, we learn there is “mind in every atom of the body,” called the negative or subconscious mind – subconscious because “it acts without our conscious knowledge.” And, “we have found that this subconscious mind is responsive to the will of the conscious mind.”

We see that “things in themselves have no origin, permanency, or reality” and since things “are produced by thought, they can be erased by thought.”

Haanel also says that we find that “every man is the reflection of the thought he has entertained during his lifetime.” He continues with “the objective world is controlled by an unseen power… the Infinite or Universal Mind” and that the “subconscious mind [is] the connecting link between the Universal Mind and the conscious mind.” And while “the conscious mind can consciously suggest thoughts which the subconscious mind will put into action…no limit can be placed upon its activities.”

Paragraph 24 states, “Yet there are many who are not ready to enter into the discipline necessary to think correctly, even though it is evident that wrong thinking has brought failure.”

Paragraph 25 then continues,”Thought is the only reality; conditions are but the outward manifestations; [and] as the thought changes, all outward or material conditions must change in order to be in harmony with their creator, which is thought.”

And yet, we are told that “the thought must be clear cut, steady, fixed, definite, unchangeable.”

And, most importantly, “If you enter into the discipline necessary to bring about a radical change in your life, you must do so deliberately, after giving the matter careful thought and full consideration, and then you must allow nothing to interfere with your decision.”

“If you wish harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop an harmonious mental attitude”…so that…”Your world without will be a reflection of your world within.” Yet this will happen only if “you will be conscious of nothing but harmony.”

Our Christmas holiday went not at all as we would have consciously planned. Given that I forgot to put up any energetic boundaries prior to the visit, perhaps things were simply a painful reflection of the thoughts I entertained from previous Christmas seasons.  I went into Fear Paralysis Reflex mode for the 5 days over Christmas, yet I’m seeing now that the situation gave me the opportunity to speak my need that, in future, I would no longer put myself in that same situation. I believe we all deserve to have at least a peaceful Christmas and that the best way to accomplish this, in future, will be for me to remain home while my husband visits with his family.  A Fear Paralysis Reflex does love solitude, so this will not be a hardship. And THIS will allow me to “be conscious of nothing but harmony” – a wonderful way to end the old year and powerfully envision the new year.

We are told that “we learn by doing” and that “reading these lessons will get you nowhere. It is in the practical application that the value consists.”

I think that working with the MKMMA material, I felt empowered to find this practical solution to a very uncomfortable situation. I feel much more relaxed now – and I’m writing my blog at an English Country Dance evening on New Year’s Eve as a way of enjoying a social visit with our friends in Victoria. I’ll be able to get this into wordpress as soon as we return to our friends’ home and still make the midnight (Hawaii time) deadline.
George Mathew Adams suggests one “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”

And, so, I promise to develop an harmonious mental attitude so that my “world without” will be a reflection of my “world within.” I further promise to create this by “being conscious of nothing but harmony” and by admitting only helpful, positive things into my mind and into my world.

With that, I wish you all Blwyddyn Newydd Dda (Welsh for “Happy New Year”) and I promise to assist in creating harmony for us all in MKMMA during 2016 and beyond. And I always keep my promises.

Eich iechyd da (Welsh for “Your Good Health”)

35 thoughts on “MASTERKEYWENDYHT – WEEK 14 – BLOG – Thought Is The Only Reality”

    1. Aloha Carole, Righty-ho! I like and appreciate your comment about “baby steps are better than no steps.” Mahalo – big time. Here’s to a wondrous 2016. I’m looking forward to reading your future blogs. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

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  1. Christmas can be a trying and sad time for many. I count myself blessed that I had a great Christmas and believe that 2016 will be a great year for all – and the alliance is going to help make it a better year! Happy New Year Wendy – maybe our paths will cross this year.

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    1. Aloha Connie, Many thanks for your comment. I would love for our paths to cross this year. I know I’m coming back out to TO sometime – likely Summer or Fall, though they’d mentioned Spring. We’re looking at 2 adjacent week-ends; one for RMT for School Readiness, and the other for Rhythmic Movement Training Int’l Level 3, as they’re both only 2 day courses. My Level 3 teacher training happens mid-March, and then I’ll have to co-teach one class and finally be assessed while I teach the class. Luckily, I have someone in the USA who lives relatively near me, so I believe I can get these requirements done in fairly short order 😉
      Mahalo for being on this MKMMA journey with me. Yours in Gratifude, Light & Love wendyht


  2. Well that was certainly a mouth full. Happy New Year Wendy!
    Loved your blog. Thanks for insights. I agree Christmas can bring out worst of feeling as well as the best. I myself am more of the stay at home body. You have a good grasp of what to do and I know you will shine in 2016.

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  3. Yo Wendy, good work finding a creative solution to the Holiday Fear Paralysis situation. I bet in next year’s holiday season you will be able to enjoy the harmony you treasure without even venturing into the FPR. Sweet!! I didn’t see you at our dance last night. I wonder if any of the same tunes were used?

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    1. Aloha Lindasue 🙂 My friend Ann Schau plays piano for the Dan’s Hall Players. They’re just working on putting the jacket cover / photos / etc together for their 3rd CD. I can ask what tunes they played. Certainly the Duke of Kent, Richmond something or other, Richard de Coverly (spelling?), amongst others 🙂 Yes, I’m pleased that next holiday season will be happier. I plan on being able to attend a Christmas Eve service as well – possibly even arrange to sing / play harp for same. Following everyone else’s Christmas traditions (or lack thereof) obviously has not quite filled my need for having meaning to the season. I hope you had a grrrand time over Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht


  4. Thank you for sharing your holiday experience this year… words of wisdom in there. Too bad I hadn’t read your post yesterday! If you were still in Victoria I could have driven down so we could visit… maybe next time 🙂

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    1. Mahalo for your comment. A visit would have been delightful. I may be teaching a workshop or two over here on the Island in the first half of the year. My email, if you’d like to connect, is
      There are quite a few MKMMAers in SW BC 🙂
      yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht


    1. Aloha Saskia, Mahalo for your comment. I love reading your blogs and your comments always assist me in moving forward when my old blueprint has come out to play 😉 Blessings! wendyht


  5. Amazing learnings — thanks so much for highlighting the greatness. Well, no one said this would be easy, but it is definitely SO worth it. Keep persisting, Wendy. You ARE whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. Glad to share this journey with you.


  6. Isn’t it AWESOME that even the most challenging situations offer us so much in terms of insight and growth if we but pay attention! Fantastic, Wendy! Love how you are applying what you learned and such a powerful list of pearls from Haanel. Thanks for posting!


  7. Aloha Mark, WOW! I’m blown away – hmmmm, ensuring that’s a positive thought, I’m thinking in terms of how the many eagles in our area are having great fun be blown about by our winds ;-)) So, OK, I’ll soar with the eagles!! Mahalo for your encouragement – that is, putting courage into me – which is the opening of my DMP: “I now promise to step into my purpose with courage, confidence and faith in my connection to the Infinite “I” and which ends with: “This unique programme (Centre for Emotional Healing for Survivors of the Residential Schools traumas of the 1950’s and 1960’s in Canada) develops courage, freedom and self-esteem for these survivors to ‘be who they WILL to be.’ I am in AWE of how my world within, being in harmony with the Infinite ‘I,’ can create such a rich and diverse programme of inner healing, peace, joy and Oneness. I feel alive and purposeful once more.” Wishing you much peace, joy and Oneness on your MKMMA journey. Mahalo for your support. Yours in Gratitude, Light, Love & Support – always – all ways


  8. Mark Cotter sent me over and I’m glad he did. Christmas period for me was awesome with everyone home. But it also made me realize there were some inharmonies to be settled. Mostly I realized I had not fully forgiven all that I should and resolved to do so.


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